In the concept of establishment, PT. Banshu Plastic Indonesia has a strong commitment to implementing the highest standards of quality management as implementation of quality policy towards corporate governance throughout all component of the business performance.

The principles of corporate governance to the highest standards to reflect our best value with the guiding principles of business conduct controlled standards operating procedures in order.

For that all the operations of our business activities are bound and subject to a number of strict Quality Management System which we already have through the ISO 9001-2008 Certificate No. 2016/2806 which was passed by the Board Certification of Registration AJA System Certification, IAF, and the National Accreditation Committee (KAN). In the course of evaluating the quality policy will be recertified every three years and interim verified annually.

Our commitment to improve the quality management system as a sustainable quality policy provide added value to our customers as a portfolio of manufacturing companies who excel in Engineering Plastic Part. Utilization of quality management system that touches every element of the manufacturing process allows us to help customers improve better benefits on sustainable basis.