The trusted of market is the result of a journey time that we go through without stopping in giving our best works. That is the meaning of a history that we understand in developing a business for 13 years of our work.

PT. Banshu Plastic Indonesia which began operations in Cikarang Industrial Estate is a joint venture in the field of Engineering Plastic Part Manufacturing with shareholders between BANSHU ELECTRIC EQUIPMENT, co.Ltd and PT. ASKARA INTERNAL with approval license SIUP number: 65-09082002 and Law Attachment Notary Certificate from Mr. Soedrajad Dhamarji,SH.

PT. Banshu Plastic Indonesia which established since August of 2002 was the work of the brilliant ideas of the founders were inspired by the market demand. PT. Banshu Plastic Indonesia built with different business concepts to develop a lot of variable values as the basis of business performance that can build market trust.

Over past time PT. Banshu Plastic Indonesia became one of the reliable companies to provide continuing quality assurance in Engineering Plastic Part Manufacturing. Our success was build by the people we are passionately committed to build, develop and maintain the quality of our business performance. They all do it to get results the right way and be responsible, carry out with sincerity and excellence, applying cutting edge technology that is more innovative and capture any new opportunities for profitable growth. We always strive to innovative to create solutions in every aspect of quality assurance with the opportunity required bye the market. We plan, produce and distribute any products required by the market with continuing quality assurance.

PT. Banshu Plastic Indonesia with over 13 years of dedicated efforts continue to try to maintain a commitment to preserve and improve the professional quality of the highest standards of business performance on each component of the business operations with integrity solid team work in the concept of quality policy management.

Until now we are still learning to know and understand what is needed by the market so that we can always provide added value to each of to our performance. With the passage of time we are able prove a quality tested in a more objective assessment. On the basis that every step of our journey is an investment that has a variable value in order to achieve success more meaningful to many people.