About Us
No exaggeration if we got the chance to provide truthfully information about the performance of our best efforts as a portfolio that demonstrates the capacity of our competence. With all humility we dedicate this portfolio to the market as information that describes our best values in the governance of our operating performance that can be inspiration, motivation and hope of a better investment for our business in the years to come. Our investment in innovation business creation allow us to deliver better business performance, relevant and useful in a comprehensive manner as to provide a more continuing meaningful contribution to the market.

Since starting the establishment of PT. Banshu Plastic Indonesia focus on providing the best competence to meet all the needs of customers in different types of market segments.

PT. Banshu Plastic Indonesia is able to provide quality business performance that are important to our customers as a solution to creating products Engineering Plastic Part with continuing quality assurance. We strive to provide added value on all of our products are made as to provide a more meaningful improvement benefits for all our customers. We realize that the market requires innovative solutions that can be developed in any form of the performance potential of our business. We believe that every business opportunity is a challenge that arises with some force values that we had to face.

PT. Banshu Plastic Indonesia is a dedication of business performance that able to meet professionals market requirements as a global with recognize expertise in the development, manufacturing and application of cutting-edge technology that is more efficient and productive as a more innovative we have pioneered many new breakthroughs as the value-added of the strength of our business performance to provide the best solution in the creation of Engineering Plastic Part products with continuing quality assurance.

As an individuals and as a company, we are proud to give the best contribute to the market where we can grow and continue to work in accordance with the rule of law and business ethics policies that we hold in high regard. We want to keep working so that we become the best company with the growth of healthier and more beneficial to many peoples.

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